What are the advantages of smart street lamps over traditional street lamps?

01 Dec 2022

Smart street lamp is a new generation of street lamp form, not only the upgrade of traditional street lamps, but also the main carrier of intelligent equipment in response to the construction of national smart cities. There are several main benefits:

Smart street lights

1. Make the city cleaner: multi-pole integration, multi-purpose integration, and the functions required for the scene are collected on one light pole. One member for traditional monitoring, one member for environmental monitoring, one member for traffic lights, and so on. Now one light pole integrates all functions, reducing the use of rods and greatly improving the appearance of the city.

2. Smart lighting is more energy-saving and power-saving: intelligently set the lighting strategy, adjust the brightness remotely with one button, and set the switch lights on and off on demand, which can save a lot of electricity costs.

3. Convenient publicity and income: smart advertising screens, smart speakers, etc., can not only be used as publicity media, but also can receive advertising to obtain revenue, and the management platform is remotely modified in batches, which is convenient and fast.

4. Smart weather to improve the air: The smart environment monitoring system can monitor the air environment at any time, and with the dust reduction spray system, it can cool down and reduce dust when the air temperature is too high or the air quality is poor.

5. Make residents safer: The smart monitoring system with one-key alarm greatly reduces the urban crime rate, and can also allow pedestrians who are unwell or in an emergency to get help in time.

6. It is more convenient to go out: smart WIFI and smart charging, etc., not only can allow mobile phones to be charged in time, battery cars, cars, in places with parking conditions, but also scan the code to charge at any time. The possibility of charging for a fee can also be set is also a benefit.

7. Accelerate 5G construction: 5G coverage requires a large density of equipment, many installation sites are required, and smart light poles are a very good carrier for micro base stations. It can help speed up 5G construction.

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