Smart light pole solutions for urban roads

Smart lighting: Automatically adjust the brightness of lights and turn lights on and off according to the flow of people and vehicles, saving electricity costs.

AI video surveillance: face recognition can effectively reduce the crime rate, license plate recognition can reduce violations, etc.

Smart outdoor screen: solves the problem of replacing Daoqi advertising, and can change the playback content and play videos anytime, anywhere.

Smart broadcasting: temporary shout notifications, interactive calls with one-click alarms, etc., can also play music and audio advertisements.

Environmental monitoring: monitoring the road air environment and ambient temperature. It can be combined with the spray system to cool down and remove dust.

One-click help: In case of emergency, one-click alarm for help, which can automatically report the location and get help faster.

WIFI hotspot: WIFI coverage for outdoor pedestrians, which facilitates outdoor Internet access.

Smart charging: According to the conditions, mobile phone charging, battery car charging, car charging, etc. can be installed, and the code can be scanned for billing.

5G micro base station: Smart street lights are a very suitable carrier for 5G micro base stations, which can help accelerate 5G construction.

Ambient lighting: Improve the landscape of street lights at night to avoid pedestrians and vehicles from seeing the light poles.

Cooling and dust removal: According to the demand, open the spray system, you can achieve cooling of the initial dust and quickly improve the air environment.

Smart transportation: Signage or signal lights can be installed to solve the problem of pedestrians and vehicles at intersections.

Smart light pole solutions for urban roads

Smart facility features

  • Smart lighting

    Smart lighting

  • AI video surveillance

    AI video surveillance

  • Smart outdoor screen

    Smart outdoor screen

  • Smart Broadcasting

    Smart Broadcasting

  • Environmental monitoring

    Environmental monitoring

  • One-click help

    One-click help

  • WIFI hotspot

    WIFI hotspot

  • Smart charging

    Smart charging

  • 5G micro base station

    5G micro base station

  • Ambient lighting

    Ambient lighting

  • Cooling and dust removal

    Cooling and dust removal

  • Smart transportation

    Smart transportation

The main problem solved

Reduction of road members

Reduction of road members

Integrate traditional signage poles, monitoring poles, billboards, street lamps and other poles into one to make the city cleaner.

Enhance the image of the city

Enhance the image of the city

Designing the shape according to the cultural characteristics of the city is not only beautiful, but also enhances the image of urban development.

Reduce violations

Reduce violations

24-hour AI monitoring of roads without dead ends, reducing vehicle violations and illegal and criminal activities.

Accelerate the process of 5G construction

Accelerate the process of 5G construction

Each light pole can be installed with 5G micro base stations, which conforms to 5G characteristics and helps accelerate 5G construction and increase 5G coverage.

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