Wenqu Alley image enhancement smart street lamp project

Wenqu Alley image enhancement smart street lamp project

Address:Jiangsu, China

Time:01 Dec 2022

Wenqu Alley is located in Xuexue Street, Sucheng District, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, China, "one street and four alleys" is the unique layout of Xuexue Street, Yingxun Alley, Yingdong Alley, Wenqu Alley, Tonghua Alley are arranged from north to south. As one of the oldest historical and cultural districts in Suqian, ancient and modern have collided here, continuing the classic context of old Suqian. Unlike the surrounding high-rise buildings, time in the old street seems to be slowed down.

Features used by the project

  • Smart lighting

    Smart lighting

  • AI video surveillance

    AI video surveillance

  • Smart outdoor screen

    Smart outdoor screen

  • Smart Broadcasting

    Smart Broadcasting

  • Environmental monitoring

    Environmental monitoring

  • One-click help

    One-click help

  • Smart charging

    Smart charging

  • 5G micro base station

    5G micro base station

  • Ambient lighting

    Ambient lighting

Project features

Customize the antique characteristic appearance

Customize the antique characteristic appearance

According to the ancient atmosphere of Wenqu Lane, an antique wisdom lamp pole shape was designed.

Wireless charging of mobile phones

Wireless charging of mobile phones

Walking in Wenqu Lane, mobile phones can be charged on smart street lamps, and independent charging rooms can prevent rain.

LED outdoor large screen

LED outdoor large screen

Publicize Suqian culture and enhance the image of Suqian.

Smart lighting lanterns

Smart lighting lanterns

There are light sources inside and outside the lantern, and they can be intelligently dimmed and switched on and off.

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